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As of June 2024

Here at The Linden Medical Centre, we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere and deliver exceptional service with a commitment to professionalism. Meet our team!


Monika Hooper

Dr. Monika Hooper, MD, FRCPC

Monika was born in Saskatoon, but studied linguistics at UBC, and received her medical degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She returned to Saskatoon to complete her psychiatry residency and began her practice by working with acute care patients at both Saskatoon’s Dube Centre, and the emergency room at The Royal University Hospital. After several years working in acute care, Monika co-founded The Linden Medical Centre with the goal of being able to offer modern treatments for psychiatric illness that are difficult to access in Saskatchewan.

Monika is best known for her infectious laugh and love of chocolate covered pretzels from Starbucks. She is a mother, and a wife who enjoys stressing about her children’s well-being, and making sure her husband is doing the same. When she’s not taking care of her family, you’re likely to find her in a coffee shop absorbing the present and contemplating the future.

Dr. Adam Tancred, MD, FRCPC

Adam was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to Canada as a toddler. Even from a young age, he had an avid interest in the human mind and completed a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Alberta in 2002. He was in the army reserves for 6 years and served one tour of duty in Bosnia in 2002/2003. From there he worked at a maximum security detention facility for youth for a few years as a Correctional Service worker before deciding to work towards a medical degree and then a specialization in psychiatry and a further sub-specialization in Forensic Psychiatry. His passions include neurobiology, evolutionary psychiatry and the mind as it operates within a social domain.

Dr. Sareena Purewal, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Patrick Jacobson, MD, FRCPC

Patrick was born and raised in Regina. He studied economics and biology at the University of Regina before coming to Saskatoon to complete his medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan. During his medical training he completed a certificate in global health which included experience working in rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan and Australia. He completed his Psychiatry residency in Saskatoon and enjoys providing general adult Psychiatric care.

Patrick enjoys music and occasionally can be caught singing along to songs he does not know the words to. He has an interest in psychedelics and enjoys being in nature. He is obsessed with his golden retriever and his favourite activity is long outings with her and his wife along the South Saskatchewan River.

Dr. Mark Luba, MD, FRCPC

Mark was born in Saskatoon but moved to Regina at a young age where he spent the majority of his life growing up. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Regina before receiving his medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He remained in Saskatoon throughout residency training and worked with acute patients at the Dube Centre in Saskatoon before working abroad in New Zealand for a year.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys staying physically active through a variety of activities including squash, yoga, jogging and golf. During the pandemic, he also developed a mild obsession with chess. When he isn’t playing sports or gaming, he often socializes with friends and enjoys quiet evenings with his wife and two cats.

Anesthesiologists and Emergency Medicine

Dr. Venkat Chamarti, MD, FCA, RCSI

Dr. Matt Johnson, MD, CCFP(FPA), FRCPC

Matt was born and raised in Regina, SK. He moved to Saskatoon to complete medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, where he met and eventually married his wife, Desiree. Following graduation, they both undertook their residency in Family Medicine in Prince Albert before returning to Saskatoon. Matt extended his expertise by subsequently completing another residency in Anesthesiology. Here at The Linden Medical Centre, he takes great pleasure in cultivating quality patient-physician relationships. Witnessing the substantial improvements that interventions can make in the lives of his patients.

Outside the medical realm, Matt enjoys traveling, playing board games and cards, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Desiree Rouleau, MD, CCFP(EM)

Desiree was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and moved to Saskatoon to complete an undergraduate degree in physiology then medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her family medicine residency in Prince Albert, then returned to Saskatoon to train an extra year in emergency medicine. Desiree has practiced in the emergency departments across the three hospitals in Saskatoon since 2017. She was very excited to join the Linden Medical Center to supervise ketamine infusions in 2022 and finds this the most rewarding part of her medical practice. She enjoys building relationships with patients and seeing their improvement.

When Desiree is not at work, you can find her running after her two young kids and taking her poodle, Bernie out for walks. She has a passion for travel, trivia nights, and also loves checking out the Saskatoon food scene.


Zach Macnab

Zach Macnab, Lead RN

Zach started his career as a Registered Nurse in 2017 in the Lloydminster Hospital. Zach spent the next portion of his career in Saskatoon working in intensive care units. After gaining some experience working with more complex patients, Zach decided he was missing the connection side of patient care. He joined the team at The Linden Medical Centre in the summer of 2019, where he enjoys being able to foster a closer connection with patients while being on the cutting edge of mental health treatment.

While Zach isn’t working, you can find him running on the Meewasin, spending time in the gym, or traveling to Turtle Lake to visit his family.

Brooke Macnab, RN

Originally from Swift Current and raised on a farm just 30 minutes north, Brooke holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Currently, she divides her time between part-time work in the NICU and her responsibilities at The Linden. Brooke takes great joy in witnessing the gradual transformation of people’s mental health, considering it as a genuine privilege to be part of their mental health journey.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys engaging in activities such as spin classes, golfing, and spending quality time with her dog, Sadie. Exploring new eateries is a favorite pastime, especially when it comes to satisfying her sweet tooth. If you ask her, the coconut cheesecake from Filosophi holds a special place in her heart.

Erica Vermette, RN

Erica was born in Northern Saskatchewan. She is a registered nurse who is highly empathetic and passionate about the human body and its wisdom and capacity to heal. She values holistic approaches and plant medicine to well-being. She is a firm believer that altering one’s state of consciousness is conducive to deep emotional, physical healing, rewiring your brain, and self-exploration. Erica has trained with Phoenix Alumni, TheraPsil, and is an active member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. She has over a decade experience working within Mental Health/Addictions, End of Life and Dementia Care.

On her days off, she likes mushroom-picking, biking, camping, paddle boarding, practicing hot yoga, and hiking with her nephew, Chello (staff terrier). She also loves traveling, the great outdoors, and believes nature is the absolute best medicine. Her favorite foods are ramen, buddha bowls, and anything breakfast related. She loves mushroom coffee and all the adaptogenic mushrooms.

Hailey Sim, RN

rTMS Technicians

Carleigh Homenuk

Moosa Khan

Anthany Proux

Anthany hails from Prince Albert and grew up in Macdowell, SK. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Regina. At the Linden Medical Centre, Anthany finds great joy in helping people every day, making it his favorite part of working here. Beyond sharing jokes to uplift spirits, you can always count on Anthany to extend a helping hand whenever assistance is needed.

Anthany is an avid enthusiast of outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing, quadding, biking, snowmobiling, hitting the gym, and his favorite activity, skiing. Among his cherished aspects of life are savoring a delicious steak, exploring the Nisbit forest, and practicing calligraphy.

Alexey Deev

Alexey, originally from Tajikistan, earned his medical degree from Astrakhan Medical University and completed residency in gastroenterology. He immigrated to Canada in 2023 and is currently awaiting confirmation of his doctoral degree, while honing his English skills to advance in his medical career. He is passionate about exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and mental health, actively researching its potential impact on patient care. Alexey provides compassionate care, professionalism and dedication to his work as our specialist in rTMS therapy at our PA clinic.

Outside of work, Alex, as he prefers to be called, enjoys Japanese cars and traveling with his wife and children in their favorite minivan from Japan.

Admin Staff

Matt Hooper

Matt Hooper, Manager

Matt is originally from rural Alberta.  He is a Computer Engineering Technologist from NAIT who has been involved in various business adventures since 2009.  Matt co-founded the Linden Medical Centre with his wife, Dr. Monika Hooper in 2018.  His broad array of skills and attention to detail makes him the Swiss Army Knife of The Linden Medical Centre.  Along with being clinic manager, he takes care of I.T., facility maintenance, and is the clinic privacy officer.

Sheryl White, Office Administrator

Sheryl was born and raised in Saskatoon.  She studied to be a Pharmacy Technician and then went on to the Medical Office Assistant program at McKay Technical Institute. Sheryl brings over twenty years of administrative experience to The Linden Medical Centre.  Her organizational skills are paramount in keeping our clinic running smoothly.

In her free time, Sheryl enjoys an active life with her family which includes quadding, snowmobiling, fishing, camping, and spending time at the family cabin.  Her two sons enjoy various sports, and Sheryl is of course their biggest fan.  This keeps her busy traveling to support them when she isn’t at work.

Nikola Bereza, MOA

Nikola, fondly referred to as Niki by her family and friends, was born in Saskatoon but spent most of her younger years in Fort McMurray, AB. Before earning her Medical Office Assistant Certificate in 2020, she worked as a Bridal Consultant/Stylist and Service Warranty Coordinator in the Automotive industry. Niki’s friendly demeanor and readiness to assist anyone at any moment greatly empowers The Linden’s supportive atmosphere. Niki is driven by a deep passion for making people feel valued and important, be it clients, colleagues, family, or friends.

In her leisure time, Niki loves creating cherished memories with family and friends, and savoring moments with her spouse and their cat, Milky. Her favorite food is pasta, and she finds solace in her camper nestled in the woods whenever possible. Attending live music events tops her list of preferred activities.

Jaymie Da Costa, Medical Receptionist

Jaymie, who was born and raised in Castlegar, BC, previously worked at Ophthalmology and Optometry clinics before joining The Linden crew in 2022. She finds joy in seeing the positive outcomes from treatments offered at the clinic. The lush greenery you see in our clinic is thanks to Jaymie’s love for everything plant related. Her lively personality and sense of humor has always enhanced The Linden’s friendly ambiance.

Off-duty, Jaymie loves nothing more than spending time with her son, Anthonee. She has long been dedicated to advocating for his disease and raising awareness about vision loss in the community. When not daydreaming about Portugal, she’s likely indulging in her favorite food: burgers.

Astrid Magallanes, Admin staff

In 2016, Astrid moved to Canada with her family, three years after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Philippines. She discovered her preference for working in office settings through administrative roles at an Optometry clinic and within the Pipeline industry. Working at The Linden has been a highly enriching experience for her, thanks to the consistently pleasant and wonderful individuals she encounters every day.

Outside work, Astrid enjoys playing with her 2 cats, learning American Sign Language, and doing puzzles.

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