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Slide 1 IV Ketamine for Depression The Linden Medical Centre is the only private clinic
in Saskatchewan offering IV ketamine treatments
for treatment resistant depression and PTSD
Learn More Ketamine for Depression
Slide 2 Independent Psychiatric Exams Experienced psychiatrists provide custom reports
for insurance companies and courts
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Ketamine For Depression

Ketamine for Depression

The Linden Medical Centre is the first private clinic in Saskatchewan to offer IV Ketamine treatments for treatment resistant depression.  We also offer intranasal ketamine treatments, and most recently, Spravato (Esketamine).

RTMS For Depression

Theta Burst rTMS

Our Magstim Theta Burst rTMS machine offers 3 minute treatments over the 30 – 40 minute traditional rTMS treatments

Independent Psychiatric Exams

The Linden Medical Centre has psychiatrists available to provide independent psychiatric exams and court ordered assessments.  Provide us with your exam requirements, and we’ll provide you with the detailed reports you need.

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